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"A 100,000 mile service for your body". Have you tried Rolfing® yet?

Pilot PR is delighted to be working with the European Rolfing® Association (ERA) on their marketing and PR communications, to support their members, and to raise awareness of the many health benefits of Rolfing®. Rolfing® Structural Integration (“Rolfing®”) is a transformative bodywork that works on the connective tissues to release, realign and balance the body as a whole.

Rolfing Structural Integration-Giovanni-Felicioni-photograph-by-Miquel-De-Jong

The non-profit organisational body for Rolfing® Structural Integration, the European Rolfing® Association is responsible for the qualification of practitioners (Rolfers™), and the continuing education and support of members. ERA also provides a central information resource for anyone looking to find a certified Rolfer™ or to train in Rolfing®.

Certified Rolfers™ are the only professionals who can provide Rolfing® Structural Integration to the public, and there are presently 697 Rolfers™ in Europe.

Who can benefit from Rolfing®?

Everyone can benefit from Rolfing®, men, women, teenagers and children. It is well known amongst professional sports people, singers and ballet dancers, recognised for helping to alleviate injury and enhance performance. Rolfing® can greatly improve a person's posture and balance. It can also help release tension, trauma, as well as alleviate chronic pain and restore energy.

Rolfers™ report growing numbers of clients coming to them to address issues surrounding 'tech neck’ and 'iPosture’.

What is Rolfing® Structural Integration?

Named after its founder, Dr. Ida P. Rolf, Rolfing® Structural Integration is a specialised method of holistic bodywork that reorganises the connective tissues, or ‘fascia’ (the body’s internal flexible support system) which infuse the entire body, to release, realign and balance the body.

Dr. Rolf recognised that, instead of being a collection of separate parts, the body is an integrated network of tissues and that these connective tissues (fascia), surround, support and permeate all muscles, bones, nerves and organs; they even having a role in our nervous system. When this internal flexible ‘wiring’ becomes over-extended or out of place, the resulting tension can result in persistent joint pain, muscle soreness, or postural change. What may have been a short-term ‘compensatory’ shift in the natural body structure can then develop into longer-term habitual and restrictive movement and postural patterns.

Dr Ida Rolf believed "The body is most at ease and functions best when its structure is balanced in gravity”, and using fascia as the ‘tool’, Rolfing® aims to restore the body to its most efficient form to enable full ease and freedom of movement.

Rolfing® treatment takes place over a course of ten sessions – known as The Ten Series - and for many clients it can be transformative. Many clients report that the therapeutic effect of Rolfing® carries on working long after the course of treatment has ended.

Rolfing® is "like a 100,000 mile service for your body.” [Certified Advanced Rolfer™, Keith Graham]

Health benefits of Rolfing® Structural Integration can include:

  • Reduced pain and discomfort in the body

  • Greater flexibility and movement in the body

  • Improved posture

  • Enhanced energy efficiency and greater motivation levels

  • Help with the recognition and release of habitual and restrictive movement and postural patterns

  • Improved sports performance and greater resilience to future injury

  • An enhanced sense of whole body awareness and new movement possibilities

  • Improved proprioception (body perception)

  • The feeling of being more comfortable within one’s own skin. Emotional boundaries are strengthened from feeling more openness toward our environment and other people, and of feeling more centred and present.

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