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Simply Healing Detox Retreat Expands its Detox Fertility Programme to Treat Couples

Fertility is an issue that is rarely off the front page. It seems that every week in the press there is yet another article about couples struggling to conceive, and about the latest treatments to help them overcome their fertility problems. Yet, despite this bombardment of information, two key factors that determine whether a couple will conceive or not often get overlooked.


The first thing that gets overlooked is the role that male fertility has to play. It is often assumed that if a couple has not conceived it is because of female fertility problems, especially if the woman in question is older than 35. This is despite the fact according to the American Society For Reproductive Medicine that in the case of ‘approximately 40 percent of infertile couples, the male partner is either the sole cause or a contributing cause of infertility.’

The reason why there is so much focus on the female is because it is still considered somewhat of a taboo to question male virility in our society. It is perhaps because of this taboo that the male partner may not have even considered that he might be the one with the fertility problem, and not his partner. Also, women do have a tendency to blame themselves when they don’t automatically fall pregnant.

Also, if a couple are struggling to conceive the male can sometimes feel like he is nothing more than a sperm donor or a spare part. Both partners may have a sense that they are losing the romantic element in their relationship, which in turn can make it more difficult for them to conceive. All these factors can contribute to the underlying reason for the couple’s inability to conceive not being properly addressed.

The second thing that often gets overlooked when discussing fertility is the overall wellbeing of the couple. It could be argued that if the couple are not in their best possible physical state i.e. if they are smokers or are overweight then the effectiveness of expensive treatments such as IVF and hormone-stimulant programmes could well be compromised; if the body has too many toxins or stressors placed upon it, it is far more difficult to conceive. It is also worth noting that some people who perceive themselves to be super fit and healthy, could actually be malnourished, since in their quest to maintain their shape, they might not be getting enough of the right nutrients.

Simply Healing Detox Retreat ( has decided to tackle both of these fertility obstacles head on by launching a Fertility Enhancement Detox Plan for couples. This plan is refreshing in its holistic approach, as it focuses on the fertility needs of both partners, as well as promoting the overall health of the couple. Simply Healing’s plan also emphasises the emotional and mental wellbeing of the partners, which many other fertility treatments neglect. In fact, the emotional and mental wellbeing of couples can also have a huge impact on whether couples conceive easily or not.

High achievers in particular become very stressed when they find they do not become pregnant easily, as they like to be in control of every element of their lives, and they feel a huge sense of failure if they cannot exhibit that same control over their own fertility.

Simply Healing prides itself on being able to heal people’s mental and emotional problems, which may be impeding conception, as well as addressing a person’s physical needs. Indeed, it is the healing aspect of the practice that makes it so effective, and it is what makes the Fertility Enhancement Detox Plan For Couples so unique.

As well as removing mental blocks and improving the physical health of both partners, the Fertility Enhancement Detox Plan for Couples also aims to give couples the chance to reconnect with each other. The beautiful setting of the West Sussex countryside and the luxurious accommodation will help couples unwind and relax, and should eliminate any stresses they may have been feeling. This reconnection is very important, since couples can feel a sense of detachment from each other when going through assisted conception in particular, or when they have been trying to conceive naturally for a long period of time.

The plan involves an array of health boosting treatments such as massages, colonic Hydrotherapy, salt scrubs as well as detoxing herbs and supplements. These treatments will help couples get fighting fit and renew their sense of purpose, and hopefully they will leave with the sense that whatever issues and concerns they may have had about their fertility are more under their control, and that they now are in the best possible condition to conceive.


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