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A Dynamic New Approach to Travel and Lifestyle PR

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

For 10 years, we’ve been bringing PR campaigns to life and supporting our creative clients across the luxury travel, spa and beauty and wellness sectors. As an award-winning luxury PR agency, we have always worked as the dynamic and spirited extension of each client’s team.

With our extended services, we are now taking that collaboration even further, both on a retainer and ad-hoc basis. By project managing marketing campaigns and through our branding and digital communications support, we are empowering our clients to achieve even more in increasingly competitive marketplaces.

Our focus has expanded to provide hands-on support throughout each client’s brand journey. From logo design to digital marketing and PR, we use our industry expertise and network of professional contacts to create bespoke strategies that bring brands into the spotlight.

It’s the natural next step for an agency that has defined its decade-long reputation for going above and beyond for our clients. In 2016, we were named the “Best Integrated PR & Communications Agency” in the UK, and in 2017, we were honoured for our outstanding work in “PR & Communications Solutions.” Our passion is contagious, and our accolades and client success stories are the proof.

An award-winning team

Founded by Director Mandy Gore-Booth in 2011, Pilot PR has always focused on delivering exceptional results. She has made her mark working with Caribbean Hotel groups, luxury Mediterranean retreats, and unique beauty brands, offering everything from luxury lifestyle PR to spearheading international travel PR campaigns.

Pilot PR has expanded to work with designers and brand and digital strategists to provide enhanced branding, digital and marketing services to better support travel and lifestyle clients.

Announcing the next step for Pilot PR, Mandy explained: “We are evolving the offering at Pilot PR in response to our clients seeking a more dynamic and ad hoc approach in support of their business goals. So, we might be asked to parachute in and offer a PR & Comms audit which offers clarity on areas of focus, or we might come on board to project manage a particular event, launch or rebrand.”

Mandy and her team bring passion, professionalism and an impressive contact list to the table. They are able to take a flexible, agile approach, adapting to each client’s needs and building a completely customised solution for each project.

Written in collaboration with our content partner Sarah Gordon. Find out more at


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