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On Board With....Claudia Kollemann at Preidlhof

Pilot PR sits down with Claudia Kollemann - Spa Director for the award-winning Spa & Health Resort Preidlhof in South Tyrol, Italy - to find out what makes this luxury spa hotel such a special place for guests looking for an exceptional wellbeing offering.

Claudia Kollemann, Preidlhof Spa Director

Congratulations on being named as the "Best Hotel SPA of Italy" by the European Health & SPA Awards last year – what is it that makes the Spa at Preidlhof so special?

Thank you for the congratulations! I am personally very proud of the entire health and spa team that made this award possible. I think what makes us special is the stunning architecture of the Spa Tower, the amazing treatments on offer, and most importantly, our team of highly qualified therapists who work very closely with each individual client to provide the best possible outcome. Hotel Preidlhof is also located in a sunny and tranquil Mediterranean setting – so that helps too!

The facilities here are so comprehensive - 5000m² Spa and Wellness facilities, a 450m² wellness water park and a dedicated six-floor Sauna & Spa Tower – how do your guests know where to start when they arrive?

All guests are given a short introduction to the spa area when they arrive. They can also join our daily guided tour of the Spa & Spa Tower, where the sauna master and the spa manager explain in detail all the saunas, rooms, treatments and other facilities. We provide different guidelines in print too, so if you miss the personal tour you can always consult our brochures and if there are still any questions we will be more than pleased to answer them.

There is a wonderful array of spa treatments and therapies available – what are your most popular treatments and what is your most unique offering?

The most popular treatment is for sure the Intensive Back Massage, where we work for 40 minutes on the neck and back and then for the last 10 minutes we focus on the reflexology zones of the bottom of the feet. This massage is so popular because it is very effective for back issues since unfortunately more and more people have back problems.

The most unique treatment that we offer is the “Preidlhofmassage”. This treatment combines different techniques to unblock the vertebral column, to release the muscles, the joints, the sinews and the fascia. It is a very holistic treatment with a very positive impact.

You also offer Medical wellness, holistic preventive healthcare and aesthetic medicine – how do your guests access this – do you have a medical team in-house? What sort of procedures do you offer?

The PREIDL MedSpa team see preventative healthcare, health promotion and quality of life as their defining principles. In our medical department, Dr Alexander Angerer is our point of contact. All of our medical spa guests start with a personal consultation and check up with Dr Angerer. He is a general practitioner who specialises in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Physiotherapy and complementary medicine. He can provide DNA checks, acupuncture, infusions, nutrition consultations and pain management treatments. He can also suggest further therapy as required including referrals to our in-house specialist team. This includes Mr Lohse who is an Osteopath and Miss Christanell a qualified Mental Coach.

New for 2017 sees the addition to team of Prof Dr Gardetto – aesthetic surgeon, for minor interventions and also Dr Teutsch – psychotherapist, offering individual and couples therapy sessions.

The aim of the Health and Spa centre is to give every guest the most individual, efficient and effective treatment, so they go home with renewed energy and new ideas.

Can you tell us more about Preidlhof’s own range of beauty products?

BERG is the beauty range of the Dolce Vita Cooperation. This year we celebrate 10 years of having these products. It is a bio certified cosmetic range with all the ingredients from the local region. The main ingredient is the alpine rose, known for its anti-aging and hydrating properties. We have also designed a relaxing facial which has been created for both genders.

Do you work with other product houses and what do you look for in the brands that you use in the spa?

Additionally to BERG we also work with the Swiss brand, Phyto5 cosmetic. It is an energetic bio cosmetic based on the 5 elements of traditional Chinese Medicine. This philosophy goes hand in hand with the concept of Dr Angerer and the Chinese Massages which include; Tuina, Shiatsu and Chinese foot massage. For men we use a Spanish product house: Germaine the Capuccini, these products are created for masculine skin. For all the massages, we use an organic arnica or almond oil. In general we look for natural products.

British guests might not be as familiar with the art of ‘Sauna’ as their European counterparts – what would be your advice on getting the most from of your sixteen different Saunas in the Spa Tower and what should they definitely not miss out on?

First of all the British guests should start with a sauna experience. You can immediately feel its benefits. We also provide lovely sauna kilts and sarongs to wear, so our guests can feel comfortable and not self-conscious. For sure they should try every day at least one of our special infusions. In particular, they should not miss out on the show infusion and the health infusion with Kneipp elements.

Fitness enthusiasts are well catered for at Hotel Preidlhof with a well-equipped gym and a dedicated weights & circuits room – are these mainly for self-led work outs or do you offer classes and instruction as well?

Daily we have different classes where we cover different topics: body and mind, body toning, bike and hike. So as a Preidlhof guest you have a huge range of different sports offers and if you prefer a personal work out session, our personal coaches are perfectly prepared for it.

You are also located in the most stunning location at the foothills of the Texel Group Nature Park – what are the most popular outdoor activities and how does Hotel Preidlhof facilitate these?

The Preidlhof is the perfect starting point for different kinds of hike and bike tours. The surroundings offer a high variety of fitness activities for every level. Guided tours are available as well as self-led tours, you decide what you prefer. Hiking and biking are the most popular outdoor activities but you can also play golf, tennis, go horse riding, do canoeing or kayaking, climbing, archery, kite surf or you can do a nice shopping tour in the city of Merano. You certainly will not be bored in the Preidlhof!

We know that your repeat guest numbers are very high, why do you think such a large percentage of Preidlhof’s guests return year on year?

The Preidlhof guests are very happy with what we provide in the hotel, and many credit our staff and the Ladurner family for making them feel at home when they are staying with us. We try our best to keep our quality high and try every year to bring something new, so for our repeat guests it is still exiting. They just love the Preidlhof!

Do you think the beautiful natural surroundings of the hotel have an effect on guests’ well-being?

The location of the Preidlhof is very important. The hotel is located about 500 meters above sea level in the south of the Alps, so we benefit from around 300 sunny days per year and a Mediterranean climate, however you can still enjoy the snow on the peaks and lots of clean and fresh air.

What is your favourite treatment on offer at the spa?

My favourite treatment is the “Preidlhofmassage” - our unique massage. I like this treatment so much because it is very individual. During this massage, different weaknesses in the body can be pointed out. After the massage, you’ll feel as though you’ve taken a deep breath. The sensation you feel after the massage really is unique.

What do you do yourself to relax? What’s your favourite thing to do in Naturns?

I recharge my batteries when I am out in nature: walking, hiking, running, biking, skiing, and climbing. There I get inspired with new ideas and I get new energy. I also relax with a nice book, a good cup of tea or in a sauna, especially during wintertime. In Naturns I like all the different baths that are around, and within minutes I can enjoy the peace of the forest.

If there is one treatment or experience that a guest should have whilst staying at Hotel Preidlhof, what should it be?

One is not enough! I would say all guests should try the following three experiences in the Preidlhof:

  • Spa Tower: explore the spa tower from the bottom to the top and from the top to the bottom. This light fluted tower with all the different saunas and relax room has a special atmosphere.

  • Deep Sea Room: is a new method of relaxation. Words can not describe it, it’s a very innovative kind of treatment.

  • Preidlhofmassage: our talented therapists will straighten you out!

I am looking forward to meeting you in the Preidlhof!


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