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10 Tips for a Long-Haul Flight

As a travel specialist PR agency, the team at Pilot PR has its fair share of long haul flights. But with trips to India, Jamaica and Africa in our future, we thought it best to consult friends and travels consultants alike to make sure we weren't missing any tricks. We hope the below list helps you get through one of your journeys...

1) Water, water, water. Buy bottles of water after you have cleared security and still take water on offer by the flight attendants. Drink as often as you can and bring Vitamin C sachets to rehydrate, top up your natural defenses and boost energy before landing

2) Comfy yet smart. Be comfortable but wear clothes that are forgiving when you sleep and forgiving when you wake up. Crease free clothes, comfortable shoes that can be taken on and off easily and a large pashmina to use as a blanket are just the ticket

3) Bring your own face cloth. Soak it in hot water cover your face and breathe to help with the congestion caused by cabin pressure. Soak it in icy cold water and press to your face to cool down and prevent swelling

4) Aromatherapy sprays. Bring your own infusion of lavender and tea tree oil to spray around you to ward off infection and promote sleep

5) Pack an ‘Emergency Kit’ with said face cloth and aromatherapy spray plus add a toothbrush, toothpaste, warm socks, earplugs, face/hand wipes and gum to pop your ears

6) Bring your own noise cancelling headphones and a fully charged iPod with good music

7) If you want your food to arrive quickly, order a special meal when booking your journey. You can check out what kind of food the airplane serves ahead of time using Alternatively, bring food with you. Bags of your favourite decaffeinated tea, dark organic chocolate and/or something salty like kale chips will help you get through your journey

8) Make sure your valuables are buried deep inside your hand luggage and extremely valuable items should be kept on you during the flight. Always check the seat pockets in-front of you before disembarking to make sure you haven’t left anything behind

9) Change your watch prior to boarding the flight so you can start adjusting to the time of your destination

10) Walk around and stretch your legs

Have a safe journey!


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