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Arella pioneers health and wellness innovation with powerful vegan liquid supplements

Pilot PR is delighted to be working with award-winning British supplements brand, Arellaas they announce new updates to their range of pioneering ethical supplements for 2024.

Award-winning Arella Vegan Collagen - which contains VeCollal®, the world’s first plant-based collagen alternative, will reveal an enhanced flavour based on customer feedback and also new sustainable packaging for its ready-to-use liquid collagen in fully recyclable single-use sachets.  For Arella Pause, the UK’s first single-serve liquid menopause support supplement, there will be a new formula based on improved scientific evidence, new sustainable packaging and a new 30-day supply option. 


The new-look and new-taste supplements, set to launch in May 2024, will continue to deliver vital nutrients to support optimum health and wellbeing for which Arella is becoming known. 100% plant-based, free from animal testing, ethically sourced and backed by innovative science and environmentally sound practice, this British brand is steadfastly making a name for itself in the supplements industry. 


Arella Vegan Collagen

Launched in 2022, Arella Vegan Collagen, the company’s flagship product, was one of the first vegan liquid collagen supplements to be sold in the UK. Its star ingredient, VeCollal®, is a plant based ingredient which mimics human type 1 collagen and is clinically proven to support and increase natural collagen, without the use of animal products.

An independent peer-reviewed study shows that VeCollal® reduces wrinkles by 32.9% - a result which rivals or outperforms the best animal collagen supplements on the market today. Studies also show an increase in collagen density, vital for heart and gut health, by 7.7% in just 8 weeks. It’s also better for the planet, with the carbon footprint to make VeCollal® calculated at 6.6 times less than when compared to animal-based collagen manufacturing.

In addition to a potent dose of 2500mg of VeCollal®, each Arella Vegan Collagen sachet is also packed with a combination of essential vitamins and nutrients - including retinol, vegan D3, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C - which help to smooth wrinkles, encourage skin cell rejuvenation, improve joint and bone health, and stimulate healthy hair and nail growth. 

Soon to be flavoured with an improved Japanese Plum formula for natural sweetness, the new ready to use and recyclable Arella Vegan Collagen liquid sachets will come in a handy 14-day supply cardboard tube for easy dispensing. Designed to be taken straight from the sachet, without the need for mixing, diluting or dissolving, Arella Vegan Collagen is convenient to take on the go – be it at work, play or on holiday.


Arella Pause


Developed in response to demand, Arella Pause was created to target hormone balance, energy levels, mood swings and sleep. Whilst often used to alleviate the unpleasant symptoms of perimenopause, menopause and post menopause, the potent blend of science-backed ingredients in Arella Pause has also been proven to help with premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and painful periods. 


Also available in liquid format for superior bio-availability (the rate and extent to which it is absorbed by the body), and designed to be taken directly from ready to use single-use sachets that do not require mixing, dissolving or diluting, the new-formula Arella Pause has been developed with an improved taste, updated ingredients based on the latest science, new packaging, and a new 30-day supply option as asked for by customers.


Active and natural ingredients in the newly updated Arella Pause formula include Pine bark extract, Red clover, Sage, Biotin, Selenium and Cinnamon to regulate hormone balance as well as Vitamins A, B, D and E all vital for supporting the proper functioning of the body’s cells, contributing to normal cognitive function and energy levels, and helping to minimise the loss of bone strength and density, which are often attributed to the menopause.


The complete Arella range


Completing Arella’s product range are three plant-based supplements in capsule form designed to be taken individually or together: Arella Rise – a Morning Energy Supplement, Arella Energise – an Energy Boost Supplement and Arella Dream – a Calming Sleep Supplement. 2024 will see new packaging for this trio of wellbeing supplements including redesigned labels and lids.


The Arella story


Driving these changes are Arella’s founder, Laura Capewell, who champions a holistic approach to health and beauty, largely driven by a lifestyle change she adopted after being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease (a type of inflammatory bowel disease) at the age of 36. 


“Being diagnosed with Crohn’s has made me acutely aware of what I put in my body and ultimately it has led me to create my own brand of plant-based supplements. I knew I wouldn’t be alone in my desire for an effective vegan supplement that was 100% plant based and free from animal testing but that also was backed by science and proven to support gut health. My research led me to develop not one but a suite of super effective supplements that have supported not just my journey with Crohn’s but that of menopause as well.”


Find out more about Arella and shop the latest product range here.


Pilot PR is an award-winning integrated public relations & communications agency working with established and emerging brands across the travel, luxury lifestyle, beauty, spa and wellness sectors. We are delighted to be the appointed beauty PR agency for Arella. Read more of our health and wellness content here.



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