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Hotel Quelle Nature Spa In Partnership With Beauty Pioneer Team Doctor Joseph

Hotel Quelle Nature Spa Resort's partnership with local South Tyrol beauty brand Team Doctor Joseph offers guests of this award-winning hotel the latest in innovative, natural skincare. This is in keeping with Hotel Quelle’s own philosophy that nature is the best healer and that the more natural, the better. Luxury PR agency Pilot PR finds out more.

Team Doctor Joseph-Hotel-Quelle-Nature-Spa-Resort

The line was founded by beauty pioneer Doctor Joseph Vitalis, who believes that “no laboratory is greater than our garden” and is a firm advocate of the healing power of plants.

Team Doctor Joseph is particularly well-known for its high-tech facial treatments. These treatments combine the ancient wisdom of folk medicine with the latest technology, in order to have the most impact on skin.

Extensive research on how plants can positively impact skin is carried out in Team Dr Joseph’s private garden. This knowledge and the plants themselves are then harnessed to make incredibly effective skincare products. These products do not overpower the skin, rather they work to restore natural balance.

Team Dr Joseph Ingredients

Team Dr Joseph have created versatile facial treatments intended to tackle different skin needs and leave skin feeling completely renewed and refreshed. Each product in the Team Dr Joseph Range uses different plants to address particular skin issues. For example, for sensitive skin, Team Dr Joseph use a combination of chamomile, St John’s Wort and silk proteins to soothe skin . In order to help dry skin, aloe vera, wheat proteins and honey are used to provide extra moisture. Likewise, to treat skin that looks tired, a blend of vitamin c, shea butter, lime blossom and jojoba works to restore it.

For impure skin, Team Dr Joseph use tea tree, sage, lavender and mint to create a smoother, more balanced complexion. For particularly demanding skin, Team Dr Joseph combine ice algae, hazel and vitamin E to address multiple problem areas.

The therapists at Hotel Quelle can help you work out exactly which treatment your skin needs during your stay at Hotel Quelle Nature Spa Resort.

In addition to using the power of different plants to specifically address individual skin concerns, the Team Doctor Joseph line also includes serums, toners, masks, scrubs and care creams, which are available for purchase at the spa.

At Hotel Quelle Nature Spa Resort, guests can choose from a variety of Team Doctor Joseph treatments. Each treatment contains a lymph–stimulating massage, basic cleansing, peeling, deep cleansing, a facial massage and care cream. These procedures form the Team Doctor Joseph method. This method is so effective because it allows the products to work deep in the skin tissue.

The combination of powerful plant products with the Team Doctor Joseph Method results in a noticeable difference in the skin's appearance, calming the nervous system and bringing the skin’s metabolic system into balance.

Other Treatments Available at Hotel Quelle Nature Spa

In addition to its partnership with Team Dr Joseph, Hotel Quelle Nature Spa also collaborates with other renowned product houses. These companies include !QMS, Maria Galland and Egyptos; each offer unique and specialised treatments designed to address different beauty requirements.

Hotel Quelle Nature Spa Resort has also devised its own unique spa treatments. These include among others, the Quelle Float, which features a detoxifying body pack with algae and the Quelle Steam, which as a result of its cleansing mud pack can help to revive tired muscles.

Hotel Quelle Nature Spa Resort also has numerous other wellness facilities for guests to enjoy. In the summer months, their biological bathing pool is particularly refreshing, whilst their many saunas help relieve muscles that are tired from hiking. Throughout the winter, Hotel Quelle Nature Spa Resort also provides many activities to promote a sense of wellbeing; from alpine trekking to cross-country skiing. Read about them here.

For more information on Hotel Quelle Nature and the “Nature Spa” offering visit


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