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Rosalena: Bio-Active & Natural Skincare for Healthy, Radiant Skin

Pilot PR is delighted to be representing Rosalena Skincare, a beautiful line of skincare that uses only the finest natural plant oils, combined with powerful bio-actives for glowing, healthy and radiant skin.

Rosalena Skincare face oils collection and face spray luxury lifestyle

Rosalena Skincare is a British company based in London and the brainchild of Helena Chapman & Maja Griffith. Their vision was to develop a serious skincare range that delivers better skin, naturally, and is a joy to use. The application is as important as the results and Helena and Maja are big advocates of the intrinsic mind and skin connection, that natural skincare really benefits our overall wellbeing. Their three-word mantra – Pause, Breathe, Be – influences their entire ethos and encourages their customers to make a mindful moment every day.

Designed to suit the needs of constantly changing, dynamic skin, the Rosalena Skincare product line includes a range of four multi-tasking moisturising face oils and a go-to refreshing face mist that are as desirable for their catchy names as they are for their effectiveness, ease of application and aromatic essential oils:

Rock & Rose Face Oil: A natural radiance booster enriched with vitamins and bio-active ingredients to rejuvenate & brighten skin. Long lasting hydration for noticeably lifted & glowing skin. Organic essential oils include rose otto, patchouli, geranium, sweet orange & jasmine absolute.

Love & Me Face Oil: Gentle hydration with natural beauty boosters for even the most sensitive skin. Rich in antioxidants and vitamins A, D, E & F, these bio-active ingredients regenerate, restore & nourish all skin types. Organic essential oils include rose otto, jamine absolute & neroli.

Frank & Sense Face Oil: Repair and replenish your skin with this all-season beauty oil. The perfect antidote for seasonal skin transitions, especially effective as an after sun repair and to combat the drying effects of winter. Organic essential oils include frankincense, sandalwood mysore, cape chamomile, neoli & rose otto.

Beauty & The Beast Face Oil: A vitamin infused oil that’s instantly absorbed into the skin, leaving it hydrated, toned and shine-free. Ideal for pre-makeup application and post shave, as a perfect morning moisture boost or a night time nourisher. Organic essential oils include cape chamomile, cypress, sandalwood mysore, sweet orange & neroli.

Goodness & Tonic Face Mist: A travel friendly go-to skin refresher that lifts tired looking skin in a spritz. Apply it as a brightening toner to rejuvenate, tone and stimulate both skin and mind, great for use after cleansing, after the gym, as a pre makeup primer or during travels. Ingredients include the uplifting hydroessential oils of Melissa & Orange Blossom and energising scents of Bergamot, Sweet Orange and Grapefruit oils.

Rosalena Skincare’s high quality hydrating oils penetrate into the skin cells along with added oil-soluble vitamins and antioxidants, right to where they are needed to nourish and hydrate skin. The molecules in these carefully chosen natural plant oils are so fine that they are directly and quickly absorbed into the dermis, the skin layer that lies directly beneath the surface of the skin. The result is shine-free hydration for 100% beautiful skincare that naturally celebrates all skin types.

We are passionate about educating women into using face oils as part of their daily skincare routine, not just sparingly and as a treat. Our range has been designed to replace a moisturising cream with a beautiful and natural face oil to be used every day, for glowing, healthy and radiant skin.’ Says Maja Griffith, Co-founder.

All four Rosalena Skincare Face Oils are available in 15ml bottles and retail at £42 each. The Rosalena Collection comprising all four Face Oils cost £150. The Goodness & Tonic Face Mist is available in 50ml bottle and retails at £22. Available at select stores in the UK and online.

For more information or to visit the shop:


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