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Wellness Garden and Outdoor Massage Launching at Hotel Quelle for Summer 2020

Hotel Quelle, award-winning Nature Spa in the Dolomites, reopened on 11th June 2020. As part of this reopening, guests can enjoy a new Wellness Garden and outdoor massage area. Travel PR agency Pilot PR finds out more.

Hotel Quelle Wellness Garden

The Wellness Garden concept is based around Hotel Quelle’s name, which means “source” in German. As such, the garden includes a collection of new attractions themed around water. In addition to the existing Biological Bathing Pond and the Kneipp Barefoot Walking Path, Hotel Quelle has added an illuminated waterfall to create a relaxing oasis. The garden, which spans over 5000 square metres, also features traditional water mills, a private chapel and plenty of lounge areas to relax in, making it an exclusive outdoor spa.

The Wellness Garden will also include a new outdoor massage area, which will be completely private. Hotel Quelle offers a range of special massages including classic full body massage, back massage with local honey from the valley, traditional Ayurveda massage from India and Lomi Lomi Nui massage from Hawaii.

The Wellness Garden is designed to be a fully immersive experience. Guests are encouraged to “dive in” and feel at one with nature, breathing in the revitalising mountain air and going at a slower pace. The garden is truly a delight for the senses and guests will find their stresses dissolving when they spend time there.

Guests can also make use of Hotel’s Quelle other wellness facilities. These include a range of different spa and sauna options, including a snow sauna – an ice lounge designed to help relieve sore muscles and the only one of its kind in Europe - and a saltwater grotto. Guests can also enjoy a fully-equipped fitness centre, numerous outdoor activities and a variety of different pools as part of their relaxing holiday.

Hotel Quelle looks forward to welcoming you back this summer and helping you to feel fully refreshed and restored once more.

Rates start from €1060 per person based on two sharing for 7 nights on a full-board basis.

Reservations:; tel: +39 0474 948111

Covid 19 Safety Measures at Hotel Quelle:

Guests can rest assured that Hotel Quelle has implemented new stricter hygiene measures in accordance with statutory guidelines for Covid-19. This includes new cleaning and disinfection measures for the whole hotel. Before each arrival, the rooms are subjected to an ozone cleaning, as this eliminates 99.85% of all bacteria and viruses. During this cleaning, the rooms will be sealed and fresh cleaning supplies will be used each time.

All common areas including the dining room will also be organised to promote social distancing. All the wellness facilities, including the gyms and any children’s play equipment will be regularly cleaned and disinfected. The pools are safe to swim in due to their excellent filtration systems which eliminate 99.9% of all germs. Guests can relax in the knowledge that the hotel’s ventilation system is also converted to supply a steady stream of fresh outside air.

Disinfectant will be available to guests at the entrances, and gloves and masks will be available on request, as well as antibody tests. Staff will also be wearing masks and protective gear and are regularly tested for Covid. They have also been extensively trained in the new hygiene measures. In case of an emergency, a first responder will be available in around 10 minutes. Check in and Check Out will be done digitally to minimise contact. For further information on Hotel Quelle’s Covid-19 measures, please visit their website.


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