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Is This The Perfect Summer Accessory? Mimie Reed Reveals Why A Turban Is Haircare’s Secret Weapon

Mimie Reed, founder of her own eponymous sustainable swim and resort wear brand, is delighted to reveal her go-to summer fashion accessory: a hair turban. Quickly becoming one of her most popular pieces, her hair turbans are not only stylish, but they provide protection from prolonged exposure to the sun and saltwater or chlorine while swimming – all of which are particularly damaging to hair.

Mimie Reed Accessories_Hair Turban

Mimie attests to turbans saving her hair. “I always used to tie my hair up while on holiday or in the sun and that started to damage my hair, hence the idea for turbans came about. They do a great job protecting a blow dry or keeping a hairstyle intact while swimming or lounging in the sun but I also love to sleep in them! I now have less frizz, less tangling, and it makes my hairstyle last longer. They work great with a hair mask too. Plus, it makes me feel like 50’s icon Grace Kelly while keeping my hair protected, why would I ever take it off!”.

Mimie’s carefully designed turbans are easy to put on (simply put on like a cap) by having an elastic band at the back for a secure and flexible fit. They are also handmade from polyester and elastane waste, sticking to her ethos of ethical fashion. In addition, all swimsuits in her collection are made from regenerated nylon, hats are handmade out of 100% straw, and sunglasses are made in small batches in Italy out of bio-acetate, a natural renewable and biodegradable alternative to plastic.

Mimie Reed features two turban styles - the Billie Turban with Bow, and the Lily Turban with Flower – both available in black and white priced at €99.00 and available on Mimie Reed’s online store . Adding instant glamour to any swimwear look, the Billie and Lily turbans are a must-have this summer, leaving hair frizz-free, vibrant, and full of shine.


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