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Lessons From Lockdown in South Tyrol, Italy

In quarantine since 11 March, the Italians know about being in isolation, practising social distancing, facing tough restrictions on movement and being apart from loved ones. Here the team of healers from the award-winning destination spa Preidlhof, share their stories with Pilot PR and what it means to be lockdown in this beautiful, mountainous, region of Italy.


The Expert Healers at Preidlhof share their thoughts and tips for surviving and thriving during the tough times ahead.

Stefano Battaglia - Intuitive therapist, meditation teacher and spiritual researcher, specialising in 'Emotional Shock, Trauma Recovery and Trauma Touch skills':

"The thing that I miss is playing outdoors but playfulness is a state of being that permeates most of the areas of my daily life. Though this critical situation might induce us to question ourselves and find new answers, approaches to life or different priorities, I find myself sticking to my daily practices."

What is your advice to others in Quarantine?

"Focus on the real priorities in life, divert and balance the attention between the outside and the inner realm. This invisible potentially deadly viral agent threatens to put us in an almost traumatic situation where we feel in danger, unable to fight or flee and in a state of hypervigilance. That’s why a more cohesive, sensitive and loving attitude is very much needed, where we achieve a deeper regulation between body and mind by means of self-care and affection. Engage in games in a childlike fashion, move towards being able to appreciate the beauty of the present moment, discover “pockets” of joy and stillness within you. This way, we might further improve the fundamentals of our Presence, our immune system, gain a broader understanding of life’s hardships for all living beings, and so develop empathic compassion and a grounded joy."

Dr Angerer - Preidlhof’s in-house physician and expert in complementary medicine with in-depth knowledge and a passion for prevention, acupuncture and sport:

"This is a really difficult time for many of my clients, some of whom already have challenging health issues that put them in a vulnerable position. So, although I am having to adapt to offering telephone consultations, which I am personally struggling with, I am often advising on addressing our fears as much as physical symptoms. It is important for all of us to slow down and focus on the priorities in life. It is also an opportunity to look at our lifestyle. Covid-19 is really forcing us to do that and it might be an important moment for all of society."

What is your advice to others in Quarantine?

"It is important to stay calm and serene as much as possible. I am recommending mineral salts (a combination of calcium, magnesium, potassium, carbonate salt, and mineral salts) to balance acidity levels, as well as Vitamin B supplementation to many of my patients to help with anxiety. I also recommend essential oils dabbed between the brows or Rescue Remedy Bach Flower (10 drops 3 times a day), as well as a bath with Epsom salts and a good night’s sleep. For me, exercise is so important for the mind and body. I am dreaming about the time I can get back to hiking in our beautiful mountains."

Patrizia - A transformational coach and Spa Director at Preidlhof who coordinates experts and shares sessions of experiential and sensory self-discovery:

"I am deeply touched by the psychological and emotional frailty of many, many people who now find themselves in a situation they can’t tolerate because they are already weakened by their challenging lives. I’m experiencing a precious moment where years of inner work, meditation, natural recovery methods and self-discovery are giving me a good sense of being centred, a calmer mind, compassion for myself and others, and moreover optimism and tendency towards joy. It is also extremely helpful to be in such a natural paradise during this quarantine. Where I live and work, Naturno, is surrounded by forests and rivers and although our movement is very restricted, I feel connected to the environment and I experience precious moments - “happiness attacks” - which take me by surprise!

I have experienced health problems in the past, including pneumonia and asthma, but these have helped determine my path in life and taken me to the happy place I am today. I work on a joyful attitude towards life and an open heart to keep me positive and in my glowing flow. I practice daily advanced Yoga Nidra, mindfulness and meditation and this sets the tone for day ahead. I have also improved my cooking skills, conjuring up new plant-based recipes thanks to online help from my chef friend who specialises in healthy spa cuisine.  I'm  also cherishing being in conversation with friends, guests and former colleagues from all over the world as we try to share love and perspectives. "

What is your advice to anyone in Quarantine?

"My best advice would be to explore a path to fall in love with yourself. Be ritualistic about your morning routine – mine is to prepare freshly ground coffee first and then make warm infusions throughout the day. Eat slowly and try and chew your food over 50 times – really enjoy your food and nourish your body and mind. I am also taking an alkaline supplement daily and I prepare a footbath with alkaline salts in the evening. I also diffuse orange and lemon essential oils during the day and lavender in the evening. Do try to manage your digital addiction, put the phones down as much as you can, don't watch television, wear beautiful colours, be kind and practice daily meditation."

Martin - A versatile and highly talented therapist, passionate about Chinese medicine whose intense research integrates multiple therapeutic tools into one approach:

"People often suffer a deficit in exhaling capacity and oxygen-intake. This can be a disadvantage in the flu season. We can learn a lot from Traditional Chinese Medicine. In Qi Gong, for example, healthy breathing is learned by Daoyin: 'Guiding' (Dao) the 'air' (qi) and expanding our breathing capacity by expelling and stretching (Yin). This is what lies at the heart of what in modern China is called Qigong, literally 'working with air'.

In classical Daoyin, you learn different kinds of breathing: not just clarifying breath techniques for the lungs, but also techniques to regulate the pressure, temperature and humidity of the cardiopulmonary and immune systems. This is because Daoyin is rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the most important concept in TCM is the connection between the Qi (air) we are breathing, the way we are breathing and the way Qi will bring us in motion (emotion). Therefore a very important part of Daoyin or Qigong are the so called „healing sounds“, the six forms of therapeutic exhaling."

What is your advice to anyone in Quarantine?

"You can either laugh and cry in a natural emotional way and keep your exhaling capacity in health. Or you can use specific exhaling exercises for preventative health purposes. This is something that we can all consider and put into practice to take care of our health even if we are in quarantine. But be mindful in doing this. Keep in mind, that the most powerful thing in everything you do will be to free your mind from pathogenic panic, shock and fear. That’s because any one of these can block your respiratory system in a way not dissimilar to acute respiratory distress Syndrome – when you inhale shortly and forcefully but are then unable to exhale in a deep and healthy way - and results in a deficit of Qi (air).

Keep a cool and serene mind, take some deep, clarifying breaths, and stretch your body. These are the basic teachings of Daoyin Yoga wisdom and practice."

Martina – Preidlhof’s in-house Yoga & Fitness teacher and Dance Therapy specialist who incorporates emotions into her movements:

"This time for me has very special qualities. These qualities are not good or bad, they are what they are and how I see them for myself. And that is the practice of not letting the point of view narrow by keeping clarity and exhaling all fears that arise. My yoga practice helps me to see things clearly and not to lose the lightness, there are situations in life that we cannot change, or cannot change immediately. But we have the freedom to maintain our inner space and joy. It can also be important not to lose the rhythm of life in order not to fall into a traumatic state and to fill the day with meaning and Sattwa."

What is your advice to others in Quarantine?

"I spend the time in the garden reading, learning, meditating, practising asnas, dancing through the house with classical music, cooking and bringing the house and garden to a new splendour!"

Elizabeth - A Shiatsu devotee who offers the soothing power of her sheer presence through stress management sessions at Preidlhof:

"Being quarantined is two sides of the same coin. One side is the terrible damage this epidemic is doing, human and economic. Also the great fears which are generated for many people about this virus. But there is also the other side. I now have precious time for myself. I start every day so calm and without a million thoughts about what needs doing. Of course I'm privileged, because I live in a village and not in a high-rise building without a balcony or outside space, nor do I have small children that would need to be entertained all day. This really affords me the time to tend to my wonderful little garden, to listen to the birdsong which I think I can hear even more clearly than before, and to enjoy the flowers and plants that are just starting to spring".

What is your advice to others in Quarantine?

"I think it is really important to try and keep calm. Don't feed your fear with a lot of bad news. I discovered that, even though I am not working, there is no time to be bored! I am learning to improve my English, I listen to more music, I have been reading more and I try to practise more mindful eating. These are postive steps that have helped me regain perspective. Keep your loved ones close - I am missing my grandchildren so much but thanks to technology I can hear and see them everyday."

Irmgard - A brilliant guide of the woods who found her source of healing in the wisdom of plants, trees and in the regenerating power of the forests. Irmgard, aged 72, leads Forest Bathing sessions at Preidlhof:

"Right now I'm preparing herbs and spices to make a "Trank der Freude" – my Potion of Joy! This is my remedy! You take two bottles of delicious local red wine and put it into a pan with two handfuls of dried roses, vanilla, crushed cinnamon, coriander, nutmeg and saffron. It takes all my attention… It mustn’t boil, and you just heat it up until it is quite warm. Then you add four spoons of honey and let it sit for four days in a cool place. You then filter it into bottles and it is ready to drink – Prosit!

I have also spent a lot of time cleaning the house which I find very meditative. I love gardening and observing the birds in the morning. It is nature that gives me the most power to get through these days, and observing the arrival of spring. I am so thankful that we live in such a beautiful area."

What is your advice to others in Quarantine?

"Getting outside is not as easy during this difficult time so I instead focus on reading and learning from a good book."

About Preidlhof (

The 71-room and suite Preidlhof is a multi-award-winning destination spa located in Naturns, South Tyrol, Italy. Owned and managed by the Ladurner family, Preidlhof offers exceptional wellness programmes alongside the hospitality, accommodation and services of a 5* hotel.

Preidlhof has carved out a first-class reputation as a world leading holistic, preventative and medical health spa providing contemporary integrated wellness and transformational

retreats for adults only (guests aged 16 and over).

In February 2020, Preidlhof became the first property in the world to be awarded ISO 17679 Hotel Wellness & Spa certification – recognising excellence among luxury wellness hotels in relation to sustainability, and the quality and range of services and organization.

Preidlhof remains steadfast in its commitment to research and to the continual innovation and investment in its staff, talent, facilities and services. Preidlhof has received two awards for ‘Best Spa Innovation’ in the European Health & Spa Awards, and in 2019, Condé Nast Traveller and Tatler Magazine UK both named Preidlhof amongst their top Spas in the World.


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