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See Another Side of Malta with a Seriously Stylish Stay in Senglea

Located within one of Malta's most iconic landmarks, the Sheer Bastion in Senglea, Cugó Gran Macina Grand Harbour seamlessly blends original historical features dating from the 16th century with luxurious, contemporary design. A member of the elite Design Hotels™ group, the 21-room all-suite boutique hotel opened in December and is designed by the award-winning Maltese architect Edwin Mintoff and the Milanese Interior Design Firm Daaa Haus.


Close to Valletta - the European Capital of Culture 2018 - Cugó Gran Maċina Grand Harbour offers the best of both worlds – easy access to all of Malta’s key attractions and the adventure of staying in a very cool hideaway away from the tourist trail.

From renting classic cars and self-driving buggies to lounging by a rooftop pool and dining on modern Maltese food, here are our tips for exploring the wonders of Malta and making the most out of your stay in Senglea:

Take a Tour With a Self-Driving Car

If you want to give your feet a rest, the Rolling Geeks tour company has the solution! Visitors can make use of the company’s pre-programmed self-driving electric cars. The cars themselves are incredibly easy to drive, as well as very safe. They offer visitors freedom to choose where to stop, so if you see something you want to see in more detail, then you can simply park up and take a closer look, before starting up again. The cars can be programmed to point out the sights in a variety of languages, so visitors can learn more about their surroundings as they go. The tour passes through numerous points of interest, from Malta’s famous film studios to imposing forts, the Malta at War Museum and the Inquisitor’s Palace.

Relax by Cugo Gran Macina's Rooftop Pool Under The Stars

One of the the highlights of a stay at Cugó Gran Maċina Grand Harbour is its rooftop pool. Offering incredible views over both Senglea and Valletta, the rooftop pool is the ideal place to soak up some rays on the sun terrace or to unwind after a day sight-seeing under the stars. Bespoke wellness activities, from aqua gym, to yoga and Pilates, are available to guests on request.

The rooftop events space also has to be THE ultimate place for hosting a private party - views really don't get much better than this!

Check Out Malta's Hottest New Restaurant At Hammett's Macina

Renowned local chef and restaurateur Chris Hammett has opened his latest venture Hammett's Maċina within Cugó Gran Maċina Grand Harbour itself. Using the finest local and seasonal ingredients, the menu pays homage to Malta’s Mediterranean heritage, with dishes such as Seabass Ceviche and Cuttlefish Tagliatelle. In the summer, Hammett's Maċina provides al fresco dining against the backdrop of imposing bastions and the harbour. Often guests can enjoy spectacular firework displays during the summer from the numerous festivities that take place around the island.

Take a Tour in a Rolls Royce

Why not channel your inner diva and arrive in style in a classic car? Cugó Gran Maċina Grand Harbour can organise a bespoke tour around the island in a classic car, such as a Phantom Rolls Royce or a Cadillac, as well as arrange a special car to collect guests from the airport. Using an established car specialist, the cars are available 24 hours a day, with private uniformed chauffeurs on hand. Guests can also order champagne on request.

Explore the Best of the Three Cities: Vittoriosa, Senglea, and Cospicua

Cugó Gran Maċina Grand Harbour is perfectly located for exploring the three fortified cities of Vittoriosa, Senglea and Cospicua, home to some of Malta’s most significant buildings and monuments. Each of the Three Cities has something different to offer, and it is definitely worth investing in the time to see all three of them. Senglea, where Cugó Gran Maċina is situated, is home to the Gardiola Gardens. Dating back to the 16th century, these gardens were once a guard post. The gardens feature an eclectic tower, decorated with interesting images, including a watchful eye, which is often used as a symbol of Malta.

One of Vittoriosa’s most important attractions is Malta’s Maritime Museum. The museum is housed in an old naval bakery and follows Malta’s naval history from prehistory to the present day. The museum has numerous artefacts of interest, including the largest known Roman anchor in the world, which weighs an impressive 4 tonnes. The museum also has a collection of over 60 full-sized Maltese boats.

In the city of Cospicua, the Upper Barracka gardens offer a panoramic view of the Grand Harbour. Located on the upper tier of the St Peter and Paul Bastion, the gardens were originally used by the knights of the Italian division of the Order of St John. The gardens contain several monuments of well-known prominent figures, including Winston Churchill. The gardens also feature a replica of one of Maltese sculptor Antonio Sciortino most famous works, Les Gavroches (the street boys). The original can be found in the National Museum of Fine Arts.

Watch the Maltese National Regatta

If you visit Malta in the months of September or March, you may be able to see the island’s traditional regatta. The Regatta has been held in Malta since the middle ages, though the first professional Rowing Challenge started in 1950. The Regatta is very important locally as it commemorates the withdrawal of the British troops and the Royal Navy in 1979 as well as Malta’s Victory Day. The Regatta offers hours of entertainment, with rowing teams from the cities surrounding the Grand Harbour pitched against each other. The teams participate in multiple using traditional Maltese boats, and can be differentiated by their special colours. The racecourse is set in Valletta’s Grand Harbour against the backdrop of the imposing Fort St Angelo, adding to the theatrical feel of the event.

Soak Up the Local Cafe Culture

If you want to go at a more relaxed pace, then the Vittoriosa Marina is the ideal place to people watch in Senglea. The marina is where the island’s most luxurious yachts are berthed. A popular café along the Vittoriosa Marina is Café Rouge, which is located opposite the newly developed Dock 1. Café Rouge offers a selection of Mediterranean fusion food, and delicious sweets, as well as a choice of fine wines and whiskies. Café Rouge also offers live Jazz every Tuesday evening, making it a lively place to spend the evening as well.

Explore Malta's Capital, Valletta

No visit to Malta is complete without a visit to the historic capital, Valletta, just a short ferry ride away from Senglea. The ferry runs every 15 minutes between the three cities, and is a great way to see more of the island. Valletta itself has plenty to keep visitors occupied, from its beautiful waterfront to incredible landscaped gardens, to ancient monuments, restaurants and shops.

Rooms at Cugó Gran Maċina Grand Harbour start from €215 per night.

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