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On Board With...Victoria Melles-Medici. A Pilot PR Interview

In the wake of Safestay’s latest successful luxury hostel opening in Holland Park, travel PR agency Pilot PR is pleased to sit down and speak with Victoria Melles-Medici, the Creative Director of Safestay Hostels and Group General Manager.


Safestay is remodelling the UK hostel landscape with “poshtels” that appeal to business and leisure travellers as well as families and groups with their heritage buildings, contemporary interiors and central locations. Pilot PR learns more about the woman behind this unique brand of hostels.

1. You are the creative force behind Safestay, what do you think makes your hostels stand out from the crowd?

There is nothing else like us. We are hostels with class.

2. Given that Safestay’s just announced their fourth property in Edinburgh, what do you consider to be key to the brand’s success?

Great buildings, great design & the best staff.

3. Each Safestay hostel is located in an important historical building. Do you have a favourite Safestay hostel?

I have crushes on all of them. I know them inside and out and take great pleasure in finding out the history behind each. So whichever one I am in becomes my favourite. Fickle I know.

4. What has been your best historical fact or discovery that you have learned?

That a certain part of one of our buildings was used in the second world war as a centre for English spies.

5. In which city would you love to see a Safestay hostel open in one day?

Paris. It is so romantic. And I have already designed it in my head.

6. You are originally from Yorkshire, what do you miss most about home?

The fog and mist. You don’t get ‘fresh air’ like that in London.

7. What's on your must-do list when visiting York?

It has to be to walk the wall surrounding York. The architecture and gardens you get to see could not be seen any other way.

8. What do you love most about now living in London?

London at Night. No matter what type of day I have had, walking at night amongst all those beautiful lit-up buildings & breathing always makes me remember how lucky I am.

9. How is Safestay changing traveller’s views and perceptions about staying in a hostel?

Safestay is bringing a high standard of hostels not seen before in this country and our guests are really responding to that. So much so that a lot of other hostels are now trying to follow suit. We see this as a good thing for the industry as a whole as the UK has so far been behind our European counterparts in the hostel concept. But we are catching up now.

10. Is there another person or brand in the travel and leisure business that you really admire?

I admire St-Christopher’s and its founder Mr. Keith Knowles. He can be credited with bringing the hostel concept to England.

11. What encompasses your perfect day?

Cleanliness & organisation from the minute I get up. Basically, I have a bit of OCD. But I also know how to have a laugh even when things go wrong.

12. What are your top three desert island discs?

Bach, Air on a G String piano, Beethoven's 5th Symphony & Dream's ‘Things can only get Better’.

13. Do you have a death-row meal?

Chocolate of course. Silly question.

14. And finally……Yorkshire tea or Skinny latte?!

Ha ha. In Yorkshire the tea is brilliant & the coffee rubbish. In London it’s the other way round!

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