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NEW for 2018: TOMA & COE Launches Sephardic Jewish Heritage Tour

Spain-specialist boutique travel company TOMA & COE is offering a new six-night tour of a very old culture – the Sephardic Jewish Heritage of Andalucía - from 23 – 29 October 2018. Guests will explore the fascinating Sephardic Jewish heritage of five Andalucian cities: newly-revived Malaga, the renaissance town of Úbeda, and the “Golden Triangle” of Al Andalus -Granada, Cordoba and Seville - a meeting place and melting pot of three great cultures and religions; Judaism, Christianity and Islam.


Up until 1492, when Spain’s Catholic Monarchs ordered the expulsion of practicing Jews, Sephardic Jews were one of the largest and most prosperous Jewish communities in the world. They lived peacefully alongside Christians and Muslims for centuries, as one of the 'Three Religions'. By 1492, many Sephardic Jews had already converted to Christianity, but those who still practicing their faith openly had to leave Spain, while those who worshipped secretly – marranos – were hunted down by the Inquisition.

Carefully and sensitively designed, the tour explores Andalucía's intrinsic Sephardic Heritage and uncovers the riches of that time in history. The tour starts in Malaga & finishes in Seville with highlights including:

  • Visit to the Sinagoga del Agua in Úbeda

  • Exploration of the Jewish Quarters of Granada, Cordoba and Seville

  • Dining in a Jewish Sephardic restaurant

  • Reawakening of Malaga’s Sephardic memory

  • Visit to The Mosque-Cathedral in Cordoba

  • Visit to a Jewish tomb in what is now an underground car park

For those with an interest in Jewish history, or who simply enjoy delving deeper into Spain’s past, this is an intriguing exploration into cultural and religious heritage.

TOMA & COE was founded by adoptive Andalucian Manni Coe who was born in the North of England and went onto read Spanish at University and travel extensively. Manni is passionate about showing clients “the Spain you never knew.” TOMA & COE has 17 years of travel guiding experience in Spain and prepares each bespoke itinerary individually, designing every detail to the individual client.

For more information about TOMA & COE's Sephardic Jewish Heritage Tour, visit or email Manni Coe at


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